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In May 2008 I was so frustrated with the traditional saddle industry as a whole, that I decided to look up saddle making courses - I would rather design & make my own than buy another one off the shelf. Backed with a degree in Graphic Design which at the time was my profession aside from horses. So I started googling saddle courses & different panel designs as I wanted to make something flexible. And then, the name David Bowler came up & his Strada Saddles website. I sent him a message about my turmoil - which definitely struck a cord with David's similar own life experiences, 20 years prior, with his Anglo Arab named Strada. So I sent David my jumping saddle designs & the connection started there. After 6 months of discussions, lots more learning from David's knowledge, as well as trying his updated dressage saddle design called the Esprit de Luneville ~ he asked if I would like to be his New Zealand agent. Which of course I said yes and my jumping saddle prototype was made, tested & then added to the range. Then the rest as they say is history. I opened Strada Saddles NZ in March 2009 & over the years not only fitting & selling in New Zealand and Australia, but being an integral part of expanding the Strada brand throughout the world, helping agents within all countries. It's safe to say that once any rider has a Strada saddle in their (& their horses) lives, there is no looking back!  Because you can forget about ever having another saddle issue again. I love products that do what they say & the Strada Saddle does that & so much more.

There have been many disruptions over the last few years for Strada Saddles, with the saddest time of David Bowler passing away in 2017 after some years of illness (which David never let this be known widely!), then covid to disrupt it all again from 2019. In October 2021 I was given the opportunity to purchase the brand & rights of Strada Saddles Europe Ltd as it was due to close, so Daivd's saddles would continue with the knowledge & ethos they were born from, and I will proudly continue to use all of his knowledge he shared with me, his ideas that had yet to be implemented and finally bring the exposure these leading edge saddles so respectfully deserve.

I have a huge background that I draw my knowledge & experience from, as an equestrian all rounder but

also a dedicated Classically French trained 'Legerete' teacher (trainee) as I continue to work towards becoming

New Zealand's first licensed teacher.

As with all our agents & experts - we are horse riders first & foremost. We know what it is like to have horses

that do not fit the norm, but also we are riders who are aware of what our horses are trying to tell us

and so many riders can relate to knowing that their horses are wanting to be happy in their saddles... 

That is how a great horse person knows, when their horse is unhappy. Hence, these riders easily resonate

with everything that Strada Saddles has to offer (& then some). I can guarantee, that the fitters & agents

we recommend here at Strada Saddles NZ Ltd, bring with them a world of knowledge of 'everything horses'
so you are in great hands with the amazing Strada Team & we look forward to welcoming you to our Strada family x

Meet The Team

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