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Designed from Understanding

                                                                                ~ David Bowler

                                                                    Strada Saddle Creator & Engineer

The Strada Saddle is the Ferrari of the saddle world

Our industry leading vision for saddles, from a performance & whole-wellness viewpoint,

gave birth to the unique & proven Strada Saddle (Est. 1997), with our own unique tree fitting system based on your horses breed & their skeletal characteristics, not on their size or condition.

Specifically crafted, Strada superflex© trees & malleable, muscle promoting panels

provide a seamless interface between horse & rider. You cannot underestimate the

importance of balance & freedom for all equestrian disciplines or any level of horse & rider.


"We must never allow mindless tradition

to stand between logic & progress"


Our unique tree designs & materials allow the same Strada Saddle to be used on your horse for its entire ridden career. If you also have horses of the same type, they can all use the same saddle yet accomodate their individual needs. Our specially designed panels require zero maintenance & last the lifetime of the saddle. See how a Strada is the best & easiest investment you could make for you & your horse, eliminating saddle woes forever!


Not only do Strada Saddles promote and maintain developed, healthy back muscles of your horse, they are specifically designed to enhance your riding, in any discipline.

Our unique trees & specialised pressure eliminating panels offer you & your horse unsurpassed comfort & balance like no other. They are a design masterpiece & deliver results exactly as they say they do.


Here we share some of our knowledge around the research & development of our saddles. At Strada we are horse riders & trainers first & foremost. Endless hours in the saddle provide proof in results, which is all part of the learning curves so many riders go through.

We share our learning experiences, so you & your horse hopefully don't have to go through the same heartache.

We explain everything about saddles in easy common-sense way, so all riders can understand saddles!

Why should you join the Strada family?

~ When a rider chooses a Strada©, they join the Strada family. There is a full support network & we

     expect to be  your first point of contact for all your questions & needs.

~ We Pride ourselves & our products to the most superior standard & accuracy in manufacture.


~ Quality & assurance in the performance of all our saddles.


~ Our industry leading designed, pressure eliminating panels are guaranteed for the lifetime of the

     saddle with zero maintenance


~ Our Strada experts & fittings are second to none - with the correct application as intended by the

     original creator of these saddles, David Bowler.


~ Accessories specifically sourced or made for the Strada Saddle.


~ Exclusive NEW design features of the most up to date Strada’s ~ as David intended:

     Esprit II Elite Luneville - the extended cantle that David always planned, for his purest & higher

         level ‘dressage’  saddles

    - The Elite-Seat © - new & improved seat available on any tree, but specifically inspired for the C

         type, for the riders stability in their lower abdominals.


~ 100% New Zealand made, from only premium Italian leathers, sourced from the finest suppliers in

    the world.

~ A 100% leather saddle - no synthetic welts or piping.

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By 2008, when I considered myself an 'experienced' rider, one whose seat was virtually unstickable & I was after all an eventer - I wasn't too scared to take on pretty much any horse. My amazingly talented mare (pictured far left) who was planned as my future Advanced horse took me on a completely different journey. One of the utmost attention to detail (which was right up my ally being knowledge hungry my entire life!) and understanding how horses communicate their needs to us. Her issue was chronic back pain from saddles - with treatments & therapy required daily, there was no undoing the damage and pain that was being caused every time we rode - regardless of multiple monthly visits from the best saddle fitters & the numerous array of expensive saddles I had accumulated in the tack shed ...


Auckland, New Zealand

Hey Sarah :)  I was meaning to send you a message the other day. The Strada and all the gear is absolutely amazing!!! I'm so happy with it all. Eros and I are both very happy. I'm so glad that I finally got a Strada.

Thanks a heap! 

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